People react to PTI’s 100 days performance


Hum masroof thay (We’ve been busy)said an advertisement given in every newspaper today in regard to the incumbent government’s performance and promises made for the first 100 days of their rule.

In the noon, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government held a ceremony in Islamabad to elaborate on what had kept them busy during the past 100 days of its government. Six out of 10 top hashtags on Pakistan’s Twitter were dominated by PTI relevant hashtags. Needless to say, people had all sorts of reactions.


1- Some people didn’t wait to point out the advertisement. 

2- It didn’t stop there…

3-Some seemed to have resigned to the fact that they do not have a choice.

4-While others elaborated on the advertisement

5-People just didn’t leave the advert alone

6-But PTI supporters were present too


7-Asad Umar’s speech was analysed 

8-People had questions about his speech

9-And analysed even further. The public does not forget after all..

10- Facts were laid bare

11- Emotions were brought to the surface