Duty first: Peshawar Additional AC Sarah Tawab brings her five-month-old to work


With great power comes great responsibility; in a recent incident Peshawar Additional Assistant Commissioner Sarah Tawab set an example for everyone as she showed her commitment to work and brought her five-month-old daughter with her on official visits to markets.

In a post that went viral on social media, Tawab can be seen carrying her baby, while visiting different shops, bakeries, and factories. Sharing the pictures, one individual wrote: “Salut to this Mother more power ma’am. Being a mother can’t stop you from your duties. Additional Assistant Commissioner Peshawar Sarah Tawab with her 5-month baby girl Urwa
سلام اس امی کو جو پشاور کی اسسٹنٹ کمشنر ہے جو پانچ ماہ کی بچی کے ساتھ اپنا فرض ادا کر رہی ہے سلام ہے اس خاتون کو
نوٹ جو کہتے ہے یہ شاپنگ کرنے گئی تھی تو اور تصاویر دیکھ لے”