SC unhappy with laws made for disabled people


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court’s Justice Azmat Saeed on Monday lamented at the state of laws made for disabled people and said that the existing laws are not implemented properly.

“We are lagging behind regarding laws made for the disabled population, even the laws that exist, they are not implemented,” Justice Saeed remarked during the hearing of a case pertaining to the rights of disabled people.

The deputy attorney general informed the court that statements by the provincial and federal government were recorded in the case. “Sindh govt has not recorded its statement under oath,” the attorney general added.

Justice Azmat expressed dissatisfaction at the information disclosed in the statements and termed it insufficient.

He urged to need to have “all the figures and statistics regarding the disabled,” adding that the statement recorded by the Punjab government was unacceptable.

“Our previous order was not followed, all three statements by the provinces lack the required information,” Justice Azmat stated, and termed the exercise “a joke with the court”.

“Should we call all the provincial secretaries?”

“Are you not concerned about the disabled population,” Justice Azmat further asked.

“You’re saying we don’t care about the disabled population,” said the judge.