China vows to stand by Pakistan come what may


BEIJING: While praising the sacrifices of Pakistani police personnel in safeguarding the Chinese consulate in Karachi, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that the two countries will stand together under all circumstances.

Following the incident, the Chinese and Pakistani governments and the people of the two countries have shown firm mutual trust, mutual support and mutual friendship, he said while responding to a question at the weekly news briefing.

He said that the facts have once again proved that Pakistan- China friendship is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. The people of the two countries are suffering together because China and Pakistan are well-deserved all-weather strategic partners, he added.

The spokesperson stressed that any attempt to undermine Pakistan-China friendship will not succeed. The Chinese side will maintain close communication with Pakistan on the follow-up of the incident, he added.

He also said that it is believed that Pakistan will have the ability to maintain domestic security and stability and take resolute measures to safeguard China’s interests in Pakistan and protect the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in Pakistan.

Referring to the investigation and notification by Pakistan, the spokesperson, said, “The attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi on November 23 was a terrorist attack.”

The incident caused the death of two security guards in Pakistan. One security officer was injured, two civilians were killed and three militants were killed. After the incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan specifically called the Chinese consul general in Karachi to express condolences. Foreign Minister Qureshi made an emergency call with STATE COUNCILOR and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to inform China and condemn terrorist acts.

The provincial governor and chief minister of Sindh took a high-level trip to the consulate to express their concern and dismay over the incident. People from all walks of life in Pakistan also expressed their condolences to the Chinese in various ways.

Pakistan stated that it will make every effort to crack the case, resolutely crack down on the anecdotes, and strengthen the security protection of China’s Pakistani institutions, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Chinese citizens. The United Nations Security Council (UNS) also issued a presidential news talk, which gave the strongest condemnation of the incident.

China expressed deep gratitude to the Pakistani police for taking prompt and decisive action to effectively protect the safety of the consulate general. They expressed their deep condolences over the dereliction of duty and the death of civilians and the sincere condolences to the injured security personnel. In order to express respect for the Pakistani personnel to defend the heroic behaviour and sacrifice of the Chinese consulate, the Chinese consulate general in Karachi paid a special trip to the hospital to visit the injured security personnel and send a condolence payment and will provide condolences to the families of the detained security personnel.

In addition, many Chinese institutions and personnel in Pakistan, many Chinese citizens and Chinese from all over the world also spontaneously launched fundraising activities.