Mahira Khan calls for mental health awareness after student’s suicide


The suicide of a young female student on Monday sent waves of shock in the whole country and once again brought concerns of mental health and well-being into the spotlight.

Mahira Khan, who is a vocal advocate of mental health, took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter and asserted the need to take the matter seriously.

Sharing the harrowing account of an eyewitness on Twitter, Mahira wrote, “When will we start taking mental health seriously? When will we stop calling people mad or ridicule them for how they feel?”

She continued, “We need counselors in schools. Not just for students. We need to educate parents and teachers!”

In another Tweet, Mahira shared an old status by Rushaan, writing, “Maybe we can start by reading and understanding what someone suffering had to say before they left. Rest In Peace…Rushaan Farrukh.”

Rushaan’s status had called for more empathy and support for fellows, colleagues and friends and encouraged to be kind to everyone.

Meanwhile, actor Mansha Pasha also shared Mahira tweet and added her thoughts on the matter writing, “A daily reminder to myself when I feel the urge to gossip unnecessarily or say a unkind word to or about someone. Words really can make or break your or someone else’s day. Choose them wisely and always always ALWAYS choose kindness.”

As per reports, the student Rushaan Farrukh, committed suicide by jumping off the rooftop of her university’s building. She was rushed to General Hospital where she succumbed to her wounds during treatment. The reason behind the suicide has not yet been ascertained while the body has been handed over to heirs without legal proceedings over the family’s refusal to lodge a case.