Sindh govt diverts anti-encroachment drive to residential areas, street schools


KARACHI: As the anti-encroachment drive against the illegal encroachment is going on in the metropolis, it seems that the Sindh government is diverting the anti-encroachment drive from commercial markets to the residential areas of the city, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The Sindh government, through the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has launched a massive anti-encroachment drive starting from city’s busiest, Empress Market that converged into various commercial areas.

With the vast appreciation from the dwellers of the port city, sources told Pakistan Today that the authorities are now diverting the anti-encroachment drive from commercial markets to the residential areas.

In this regard, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has also become active and is issuing warning notices to all illegal encroachers stopping the authority from razing their illegal structures or face the music.

An SBCA letter available with Pakistan Today stated, “It has been observed that the construction has been carried out by way of material changes in the use of land/building other than the approved building plan and land development permit, in violation of section 6(3) of SBCO 1979”.

“In view of above, all the occupants/tenants/owners within the jurisdiction of Karachi division are hereby directed to stop all such illegal activities forthwith and restore the construction to approved building plan and approved the land use plan in accordance with allotment/lease terms and conditions, for which the plan was approved. You are directed to explain the reasons as to why the action under the rules and regulation notified under section 21 of SBCO 1979 may not be initiated against you which tantamount to demolition/sealing action along with lodging of criminal FIR and filing of prosecution case in the court of law and blockage of CNIC through NADRA”, the letter added.

Furthermore, the letter says all occupants/owners/tenants may submit their reply to this office along with documents within 24 hours from the issuance thereof, failing which the action as mentioned above shall be initiated without further intimation.

Moreover, the private schools association of Karachi is also requested to ensure shifting of their schools/educational institutions/tuition centres on proper designated premises/plot during winter vacations, the letter concluded.