India left red-faced after wrongly depicting two Pakistani students as ‘terrorists’


The Indian government and media were left red-faced on Monday after wrongly projecting two Pakistani students as ‘terrorists’ by posting their photographs on the walls of New Delhi and issuing an advisory for their arrest.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and police officers portrayed both the students as militants and pasted their pictures on every wall of the city. The Delhi police, while issuing an advisory, further asked the people to keep a lookout for them. However, the propaganda failed when both the students were identified as citizens of Faisalabad. The students had posed for a photo near a black milestone, which reads Delhi 360 km and Ferozepur 9km, during a trip to Ganda Singh Wala border.


The two Pakistani students on Monday rejected Indian claims, saying, “We are present in Pakistan and never visited India.”

Addressing a press conference in Faisalabad, Pakistani students, Tayyab and Nadeem said that they visited Lahore during Raiwind Ijtema on November 11 and the pictures were taken while they visited Ganda Singh border. The students further said they do not know who shared the pictures on social media after which Indian authorities made propaganda against Pakistan. Responding to a question, the students said that let the enemy be frightened if it is frightening.

The head of the madrassah assured the people that the Tayyab and Nadeem are their students of Jamia Taleemat-e-Islamia, Faisalabad, and they have never been to India. He said the students of their institution do not engage in any political or religious activism. They are not a part of any organisation.