Water crisis can be big threat to Pakistan’s economy: WEF


Pakistan’s economy can face big challenges in the coming decade due to several looming risks, with water crisis being a primary threat among others, according to the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum has recently published a report named ‘Regional Risks for Doing Business’, which has listed imminent risks to the South Asian nations as well.

The report said that Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka will face 10 big threats such as failure of infrastructure, bad governance, inflation, cyber-attacks, unemployment etc.

Another pertinent risk that the report mentioned is of involuntary large-scale migration.

The report also stated that in the region of South Asia, rise in oil prices can also prove detrimental to the economy. It further stated that terrorism will continue to pose a challenge to Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing an imminent water crisis as official projections show the country, whose population has increased fivefold since 1960 to some 207 million, will run dry by 2025, when they will be facing an “absolute scarcity” of water with less than 500 cubic metres available per person.