IIUI admin keeps mum about faculty members without required publications


-IIUI rector claims to take the matter to logical end by end December

ISLAMABAD: Nepotism and favouritism rule the roost in International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), as the university’s administration has allowed several faculty members without the required publications to hold their positions while firing award-winning faculty members over non-issues.

Well-placed sources in the university told Pakistan Today that a total of six faculty members, including two professors and four associate professors do not have the required research publications, however, the university administration did not take any action against them because they hold important positions in the educational institute.

They said that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had informed the university administration that not one out of the six faculty members have the required research articles. However, the administration chose to ignore the information.

On the other hand, several faculty members having excellent academic careers were recently terminated by intentionally altering their Annual Confidential Report (ACR) reports, showing average results.

Sources said that IIUI Rector Masoom Yasinzai only wrote to HEC in February 2018, to evaluate reports regarding publications of a few faculty members of the university after a letter was written regarding the issue to the then President Mamnoon Hussain.

The HEC in its report, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, stated that Professor Dr IUII Vice President (VP) Muhammad Munir has a total nine publications, while a professor is required to have at least 15 publications.

Another Professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology (FET) Dean Dr Muhammad Amir has only four research articles. He claims to have 28 research articles published in national and international journals; however, the truth is that 24 out of his 28 research articles are not verified or recognised.

Similarly, Mechanical Department Chairman and Academic Staff Association (ASA) General Secretary Dr Saeed Badshah has only four research publications although an associate professor must have ten publications. He claims to have 25 articles; however, the HEC’s record clearly shows that 21 articles published by him in journals are not recognised by the HEC.

Furthermore, Associate Professor of History Dr Mujeeb Ahmed has only four research articles. Although he claims to have 12 research articles, 8 publications are not verified.

Associate Professor of Law Dr Mushtaq Ahmed has only five research articles because 17 out of his 22 research articles are not recognised by HEC and Associate Professor of Law Dr Naseem Razai also has a mere three publications as HEC did not recognise 10 of his publications.

When this scribe contacted Masoom Yasinzai, the rector said that the case is in progress and they are still working on it in close collaboration with HEC. He said that a meeting in this regard had been held between the two parties only a week ago.

To a question about the university double standards of firing talented professors while not taking any action against fraudulent professors, he replied that there is no such thing.

He said that all faculty members have the required publications but they did not publish them in the HEC recognised journals, adding that HEC rules with regard to recognising some categories of journals are changing which is also an issue.

The rector said that the university itself pointed out the issue and wrote to the commission to evaluate the case and now with the university and the HEC will try to rectify the matter.

To a question that the issue came to the surface after Mamnoon Hussain’s interference, he replied that they were already working on it and the president intervened after the media highlighted the issue.

He said that the matter would be taken to a logical end in the forthcoming board of governors meeting scheduled to be held at the end of December.