Tahir Dawar case: Minister assures putting all facts before nation


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan Friday told the National Assembly (NA) that all facts about the kidnapping and martyrdom of SP Tahir Dawar will be brought before the house and nation besides allaying the reservations of the martyred cop’s family members.

Replying to a point of order raised by MNA Mohsin Dawar, who said the state would have to “give answers”, Ali Muhammad Khan said the minister of state for interior was looking into the matter and will inform the house in this respect.

“We will also address the apprehensions expressed by Tahir Dawar’s family members,” he added.

Earlier, Mohsin Dawar questioned the police’s performance and claimed it did not conduct an investigation into Tahir’s abduction as it knew about the forces behind his kidnapping.

He inquired which was the power that had left the entire state “powerless”.

“The government’s statement regarding cameras is ridiculous. How were the check posts from Islamabad to Torkhum opened for such persons?”

Former premier Raja Pervez Ashraf, while condemning the incident of kidnapping and martyrdom of Tahir Dawar, said the government’s performance in this regard was deplorable.

“No explanation has been given by any minister so far. The government should present details of this incident before the house,” he demanded.

SP Tahir Dawar, who went missing from Islamabad on October 26, was found dead in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan earlier this month. His martyrdom was confirmed by the Afghan government.