Media Watch: Yummy?


    The sensitivities of journalists are often thought of as having been dulled through constant exposure to alarming news.

    This is something that is bound to happen in any profession and it’s not a bad thing. One wouldn’t want surgeons to be nervous wrecks every time they see trauma victims being wheeled into the operation theatre.

    But with journalists, this chipping away at sensitivities at times results in coverage that would make one grimace.

    For instance, consider the Moroccan woman in the UAE, who killed her lover, chopped him up, cooked him, and served him to Pakistani labourers working outside. This macabre incident had come to light when the victim’s brother, who was at his place to investigate his whereabouts, discovered a human tooth in a blender. The woman will go on trial pending an investigation.

    The problem is that all the Pakistani news outlets (down to the last one, including the online-only outfits) that covered this incident, set as “featured image” on their websites pictures of one delicious rice dish or the other.

    Now, though I can’t quite put my finger on it, it does come across as a bit insensitive.

    And crass. Because, maybe these are my sub-continental sensibilities speaking, but not serving raita alongside is barbaric.