Hamza Ali Abbasi reveals why he was not part of ‘JPNA 2’


Hamza Ali Abbasi does not shy away from voicing his opinions on different matters. The actor, has in the past, been very vocal about his opposition to item songs and has often referred to them as “shameful.” And in a recent tweet, Abbasi shared that this was the reason he was not part of Jawani Phir Nai Ani’s sequel.

Hamza, a staunch PTI supporter, recently took to Twitter to support Prime Minister Imran Khan on his statement on taking U-turns. PM Khan had said that the person who did not take decisions according to the situation was not a true leader.

“Once I thought item numbers/selling sex in films was an essential part of commercial cinema/a very progressive thing,” Hamza wrote on Twitter, continuing, “Then I took a U-TURN and now I believe that item Numbers/selling sex in films is an insult to art/cinema/cultural/religious ethics. Your important U-TURNS in life?”

A Twitter user replied to Hamza’s tweet saying, “Yet will you still appear in movies that have item numbers or will you refrain from doing them completely?”

To this, Hamza responded, “I have refrained myself from acting in movies with item numbers. I backed out of JPNA 2 for this reason. Trying to practice what I believe in.”

Hamza’s latest release was airforce drama Parwaaz Hai Junoon in which he channeled his inner patriotism by playing the role of a fighter pilot. He will next be seen in Alif.