Sexy Najam Sethi to be roped in as next James Bond after glamorous promo


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LAHORE – Journalist, politician, fashionista Najam Sethi is all set to star as the next James Bond, sources revealed to The Dependent.

Sources confirm that it was in the immediate aftermath of the release of the advertisement for his upcoming talk show that Sethi was offered the role of James Bond in the next film of that franchise.

“The promo established Sethi as sexier than the sexiest,” said a producer affiliated with the franchise, referring to Idris Elba, recently named as the sexiest man alive by People’s Magazine, who reportedly wants out of the project.

Directors think Sethi can fill the void.

“He might not have Elba’s abs but he has a throbbing vocabulary and street smarts to manoeuvre Pakistan’s media landscape which is full of literal and figurative landmines, making him a perfect fit for the role”, a senior member of the management told The Dependent.

Following the development, quarters within Marvel Comics have shown interest to cast him in the next Iron Man movie for his ‘steely analysis’.

Meanwhile other quarters within Marvel have suggested that he’d be ideal to play Mystique in future X-Men movies owing to his ability to camouflage, change appearances and mimic contrasting people depending on the need, and the general mystery and intrigue surrounding his persona.

Similarly, there are also reports that DC might want Sethi to play Superman soon, given his background as a journalist, along with his X-ray vision, the ability to take off – and indeed the general sexiness.

While Sethi is yet to say yes to any of the franchises, sources close to him reveal that he personally sees himself playing Birdman in the near future.