Mira Sethi gets engaged


Actor Mira Sethi, known for her role in 7 Din Mohabbat In, took to social media to announce that she has put a ring on it and gotten engaged.

In a long post shared on Instagram, Mira shared how she and her fiance, the son of a family friend, met, became friends and eventually fell in love.

Mira revealed that she met Bilal in the spring of 2017, despite knowing him “all my life – in the way you know your parents’ friends’ kids– but we’d never sought each other out.” She shared that at point they were both in Oxford together but their paths never crossed until last year in Lahore when they spontaneously decided to meet for dinner.

Mira said that as she spent more and more time with him, she began to feel drawn towards him.

“He was warm and funny and brilliant,” Mira wrote.

The couple travelled to several countries together and on one of those trips, Bilal confessed his love for her. And the rest they say is history, although Mira’s response to his confession was far from ideal.

Mira shared that his love changed her into “A Mira more spontaneous, more adventurous, more open. Also vulnerable—and increasingly okay with the idea of vulnerability.”


Penning a short, heartfelt note to Bilal in the same post, Mira expressed her love for him, writing, “I love the way you walk into a room with your head thrown back, every ventricle of your heart open to the goodness or mischief or complication on offer. Every day I learn from your sensitivity to sadness, to pain, to the scurrying heartbeats of dogs that hide under sofas when they hear fireworks going off.”

She concluded, “I remember walking on a downhill slope, in San Francisco, smiling sidelong at you every few seconds knowing something serious was creeping into my system; I remember randomly melting into your arms in a puddle of tears; getting to know your Abba, and growing to love him, because so much of him is you and so much of you is him.”

“I love you. Here’s to many more bike rides in the desert, In Sha Allah,” Mira concluded.

Mira is also the daughter of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s former chairman Najam Sethi and sister of Ali Sethi.