Four deny maintaining fake accounts with millions in Larkana


LARKANA: Millions of rupees were found in fake bank accounts under the names of four poor citizens in Larkana who denied owning the money and demanded justice.

According to details, these accounts were opened in Silk Bank and Sindh Bank. After NAB’s raid, all four citizens held a press conference at the Larkana Press Club.

Zulfiqar Shaikh, Ghulam Ali Jakhro, Khalid Shaikh and Rizwan Shaikh alleged that they paid Rs 2 lac each and gave their educational qualification documents to Shahban Shaikh, the deputy accountant of Taluka municipal of Bakrani and cashier Mushtaque Soomro for jobs. They alleged that Shaikh and Soomro opened fake bank accounts under their names with the help of their CNICs.

They said in the account of Zulfiqar Shaikh, Rs45,600,000, in the account of Ghulam Ali Jakhro Rs18,500,000, in the account of Khalid Shaikh Rs9,800,000 and in the account of Rizwan Shaikh, Rs25,000,000 were deposited.

“We came to know about these fake accounts and money in November 2017 when NAB conducted a surprise raid and revealed about the accounts containing millions to us,” they told journalists.

The victims said that the accused managed their bail before arrests and told them that it was mistakenly done and nothing would happen to them, adding that now both the accused were threatening them to keep their mouths shut or be prepared for dire consequences.

They said: “We are poor and have no influence. The accused are very influential having political backing. The accused are constantly threatening us that they will get our bails cancelled and put behind bars with the help of police.”

They appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan and Sindh government to order a thorough probe into the matter and provide justice.

The FIA is investigating the bank’s fraud management department and had reportedly received the address of the man who defrauded Shahid on the pretext of securing a job for him.

In September, the Supreme Court-mandated Joint Investigation Team (JIT) — set up to probe into money laundering cases — revealed that 33 suspicious accounts containing billions that were found during the course of an inquiry.

On September 29, a food vendor in a low-income neighbourhood of the metropolis was beside himself with surprise when he discovered that an account in his name in a private bank contained more than two billion rupees. Moreover, the agency recently found Rs173 million in a bank account of an unemployed youth belonging to Jhang.