Affectees and allottees of E-12 await resolution of issues by PTI govt


–Affectees say PTI government has taken to excuses, dallying tactics like last government

ISLAMABAD: The promises Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), made while it was in the opposition, regarding the resolution of the perennial issues of sector E-12 have proved hollow as the affectees and allottees of the sector still await compensation and allotment, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Hundreds of allottees of Sector E-12, who have been denied possession of their plots for the past 30 years, had staged a protest at D-Chowk to highlight their plight mere weeks before the general election.

Flanked by now finance minister Asad Umar, who was a member of the opposition back then, the affectees demanded an immediate resolution of their dreadful situation.

Once the protest was peacefully dispersed, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) went back to ignoring the situation.

However, it is interesting to note that even with the PTI government in power, three Members of National Assembly (MNA) in the capital and Ali Nawaz Awan as the Prime Minister’s (PM) Special Assistant on CDA, the resolution of E-12’s nightmare is nowhere in sight.

Ateeq, an affectee of E-12 while talking to Pakistan Today said, “Members of the present government were present on every protest and raised our voice on relevant forums back when they were in the opposition. However, our problems persist despite various meetings with the high-ups, ministers and CDA chairman after PTI’s victory in the elections”.

Ateeq decried the indifference of PTI’s leadership and the party’s utter lack of interest in resolving the issue at hand.

Allotted back in 1989 to both in-service and retired government servants, a total of 4,430 undeveloped plots in sector E-12 remain in limbo. As many as 1300 original allottees have died during the past three decades while awaiting possession.

Out of a total of Rs67 billion taken from the allottees of bee sectors all over the Capital, CDA spent only Rs4.3 billion in development activities, leaving an unspent balance of Rs63 billion.

CDA sectors D-12 and E-12 were launched in 1982 whereas, sector I-16 was launched in 1992 yet neither of the three sectors has been developed despite the lapse of thirty years, according to documents available with Pakistan Today.

After sector G-14, developed back in 2005-6 during the chairmanship of Kamran Lashari, CDA has failed to develop another sector. The list of stalled sectors runs in dozens. While sector E-12 and G-12 have remained in news due to issues related to affectees who demand compensation on build-up property and allottees who ask for possession since they were given allotment years back, other sectors like D-13, E-13, F-13, E-13, C-14, I-17, D-14 have remained on a standstill with no hope of redemption in the near future.

Not a single new sector has been developed during the past five years, a continuity of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government in letter and spirit.