Waqar Zaka lashes out at media for reporting he was arrested for alcohol possession


TV personality Waqar Zaka is no stranger to controversy. The actor has often been caught in the middle of some controversy or another and in the latest turn of events, it has been reported that Zaka was taken into custody on Monday and charged with possession of sheesha and alcohol.

However, Zaka later took to Twitter to address the situation. Slamming media outlets for misreporting, Zaka clarified that he was not arrested for possessing alcohol, and neither was he under the influence of any substance.

“I don’t know what’s happening, or what is being aired on news,” the TV host stated in an almost two-minute long video posted to his Twitter. “What have I done? What kind of substance have I taken? There’s news that non-local alcohol has been found in my car. Kindly, read the FIR filed with the police. If you can’t read it, please find someone who can.”

Zaka, who was arrested for possessing sheesha or hukkah, continued, “If you have sheesha in your home or car – irrespective if you’re using it or not- you will be taken into custody by the police. Since I had sheesha in my car, even though I wasn’t even using it, the police took me in custody and informed me that an FIR will be filed.”

Addressing the media reports directly, Zaka added, “The news circulating has no truth to it. I didn’t have alcohol with me. There’s no news of anything related to all my work in Burma or Syria, but this had to be made into headlines. If you still don’t believe me, then visit the police station and inquire whether I was under any sort of influence.”

He added that instead of sensationalising his arrest, awareness should be spread that an FIR could be filed against you if you own a sheesha.

Zaka then proceeded to share a copy of his FIR and requested the chief justice to take action.