50 model dispensaries to be set up for pregnant women


KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health Dr Azrar Fazal Pechuho on Monday said that Sindh Health Department in collaboration with PPHI is planning to establish 50 model dispensaries for institutional deliveries instead of home deliveries and to encourage pregnant women to come to these dispensaries where they will be given incentives and food packages as well.

This she said while presiding over a meeting with PPHI and DHOs in her office on Monday. PPHI CEO Ghulam Ali Soomro, Sindh Health Director General Dr Mubeen Ahmed, PPHI Director HR Javed A Abro and Dr Zeb Dahar also attended the meeting.

She said that these proposed dispensaries would work 24/7 in certain areas of District Tharparkar and they would be made birthing stations and for the purpose, CMWs would also be hired to provide better care health facilities at these dispensaries.

She asked the PPHI to hire female medical officers and assign them where they are needed most and to fulfil the shortage of human resources in certain districts.

Dr Azra added ‘Routine immunisation is a big issue and more vaccinators are needed to fulfil the gap and PPHI should hire them to fulfil the gap to meet the challenges of the prevalent situation.

Sindh Minister for Health Dr Azra Pechuho was of the opinion that family planning must be a part of institutional deliveries and the pregnant women should be encouraged to follow family planning. She was sure that it was easy to work in Public Private Partnership mode because it was flexible and fulfil the need of the circumstances.

She admitted that improving infrastructure and fulfilling the gap of human resources should be addressed properly so that the PPHI and Sindh Health Department could be able to provide better health facilities to the people of Sindh.

She agreed upon with the suggestion that certain cold chain storage facilities, working under District Health Officers, be given access to PPHI so that they could perform well and to get regular availability of vaccines. Sindh Minister for Health Dr Azra Pechuho asked them to coordinate with each other and unless we worked on the same page we could not achieve our target.