The big hit

  • Stay tuned for the ending

It is widely believed that Hollywood movies are far from reality. The adrenaline rush, the suspense coupled with traumatic violence is a thing reserved for the screens only. Conspiracy theories unfolding the involvement of people from the highest quarters is not uncommon when it comes to a plot twist. Normally, a person would believe this theory to be true. However, when we see the headline flash with Jamal Khashoggi and his murder being plastered all over, it gives us a point to ponder over.

Maybe Hollywood isn’t all that fictional as we all perceive it. Maybe the world actually revolves in the way the movies portray it. The US based Saudi journalist entered the Istanbul consulate on what was supposed to be a normal day. Little did he know that he wasn’t entering the diplomatic mission of his own accord. He was lured into it. He was walking into his death trap in what has to be the most dramatic and at the same time ill-planned assassinations in modern history. Dramatic for the claims of torture and the way the entire plot unfolded. Ill planned, because it didn’t follow through as discreetly as the plotters wanted it to be.

The immediate reaction to Jamal’s disappearance was nothing short of the eerie suspense in a Hollywood best seller. Saudi’s tense refusal to acknowledge and in fact blatant denial of Khashoggi’s presence in the consulate was mesmerising. The world stage remained enthralled by the war of words that ensued between Turkey and the Arab nation. Despite claims of having conclusive proof that the journalist had been murdered in the consulate, the Turks fell short of sharing the same with the public. Maybe the Turkish authorities were themselves in violation of diplomatic charters. The alleged proof may have been audio recordings obtained through illegal bugging of the consulate.

President Erdogan, nevertheless, stood his ground and remained adamant on unfolding the reality. Each passing day brought with it a new plot twist. The Saudis initial refusal to acknowledge soon culminated into a confession overshadowed by a vow to bring those responsible to justice. Yes, ‘those responsible’. They might have missed out on the fact that the murder had not been committed on the streets of Istanbul by some random Saudi citizens. The country’s diplomatic post in the city had been the host to the brutal killing. Involvement of the highest quarters could not be out of question.

Subsequently, footage revealing how a man dressed like Khashoggi was used as a decoy to throw the investigators off track. Another one of the reasons why we could label it ill-planned. The world naturally reacted. Cries for justice were heard from all corners of the world. Turkey, caught in the midst of it, played its cards wisely. Within a blink of an eye, the month’s long deadlock between the USA and Turkey saw its end. The pastor returned to the United States safely.

To take out its garnered hatred, the Turkish authorities blamed the highest officials of the Saudi royal family to be involved in it. The name of the crown prince saw itself being tossed around in the middle. Rumors of infighting emerged from the Arab nation. Resentment, as some critics labelled it, had grown against the crown prince’s violent escapades. Yemen and now a day light ‘alleged’ state sponsored murder. No conclusive proof, however, could be unearthed which links MBS to the murder. It could be like the Oscar winning movie where the entire plot focuses on one only to find that the actual villain had gone unnoticed.

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has also made an appearance over the weekend. A report, not being confirmed or denied, has surfaced which fixed responsibility of the Khashoggi murder on MBS

In all probability, it could have been orchestrated by someone confident and conscious of the fact that despite whosoever was involved, the finger will only be pointed towards the crown prince, for obvious reasons.

Eventually, the crown prince broke his silence too. He went on to condemn the brutal murder and also met with the slain journalist’s family. Rumors again surfaced that Khashoggi’s son had been detained in Saudi Arabia only to be extinguished when he flew out of there. Donald Trump, the man who unfortunately matters, was one of those who were reluctant in framing charges. On the contrary, the man was openly conscious about Saudi investment in his country. Even if it meant ignoring a murder, the president seemed willing to do so in order to protect the investments.

Turkey, meanwhile, rejected the Saudi version of events and demanded that the team of hit-men which had arrived to execute the task be handed over to them for criminal prosecution. The entire saga was even more suspenseful than an average movie and it continues to be thrilling.

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has also made an appearance over the weekend. A report, not being confirmed or denied, has surfaced which fixed responsibility of the Khashoggi murder on MBS. The report concludes that such a hit could only have been ordered from the top. Yet, if the report comes with conclusive proof has not been determined. Even though it’s true that MBS had consolidated his grip on power recently, however, it is equally possible that he himself is the target of a conspiracy. Maybe, for his over-ambitious goals. After all, the crown prince made himself quite a lot of enemies in a short span of time.

Having said that, this theory doesn’t absolve MBS of any liability. The tactics and measures that he has employed are the most unorthodox in recent times and the Khashoggi killing is along the lines of what MBS would do on a normal working day. Trump, once again, hinted that the CIA report could be true but yet isn’t ready to name his son-in-law’s friend for the hit.

Who was actually responsible may not be answered, but let’s stay tuned for the climax which doesn’t seem far enough. With CIA’s appearance, the matter is likely to be concluded and the ‘The End’ sign is likely to flash any day know.