PMSA arrests 12 Indian fishermen, seize two vessels for illegal fishing


KARACHI: The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) on Sunday arrested 12 Indian fishermen for fishing illegally in Pakistani waters, a spokesperson from the agency said.

According to the spokesperson, the PMSA carried out an operation in the open sea during which the agency arrested 12 Indian fishermen and seized two of their vessels for illegal fishing.

The arrested fishermen were handed over to the docks police for further legal action, the spokesperson added.

Indian and Pakistani forces regularly detain each other’s fishing vessels and crews for alleged illegal fishing within the other side’s territorial waters.

However, there has been a sharp increase in the number of operations and, consequently, arrests and vessel seizures with the start of the fishing season this year.


Last week, 12 Indian fishermen were arrested by PMSA for illegal fishing in territorial waters of the country and seized their two boats.

PMSA spokesman said that the fishermen were arrested for illegal fishing in Pakistan’s territorial waters.

“The arrested fishermen have been handed over to Docks police to carry out the required legal procedures,” the spokesperson added.