Farhad Humayun expresses gratitude after surgery


Overload vocalist Farhad Humayun on Sunday took to Facebook to express his gratitude as his health condition improves.

“Made my first public appearance in months, last night, among friends fans and well wishers, after my life altering surgery. Thank you for the love, light and prayers. To infinity & beyond,” he posted on his official Facebook account.

Earlier this month, Humayun said that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Taking to social media at the time, Humayun wrote, “Dear friends, family, fans, it was about two weeks ago that I was diagnosed with a brain tumour due to which I suffered a seizure. I have been lucky to find the greatest surgeon in the world to operate on me but it has not been easy”.

However, he added that prayers of his fans and loved ones and messages of love are helping him recover and his doctor believes that his “active and healthy lifestyle and general attitude of positivity have enabled me to stay strong underneath and I am recovering quickly.”