Twitterati respond to PM Imran Khan’s U-turn remark


People on Twitter were quick to react when Prime Minister Imran Khan said that “real leaders take U-turns” while conversing with a select group of journalists at his official residence.

The premier cited an example from his cricket days when he led Pakistan’s national team, saying, “We used to make strategies for matches but if those plans failed to deliver then we would make new strategies.”

PM Khan referred to Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte and said, “Hitler and Napoleon suffered huge defeats and caused losses as they did not take U-turns.”

“If you are walking and there is a wall in front of you, then you will have to find another way around it,” PM Imran said, adding that “a leader who does not know how to take U-turns is not successful.”

PM Khan’s statement spread like wildfire in the social media circles and almost everyone had a view about it.

“Fair enough. But I have a feeling the PM will take a u-turn on this statement as well. A u-turn on a statement about U-turns. That would be classic IK,” said columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha.

While comparing Khan’s remarks with those of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, anchorperson Mansoor Ali Khan shared a photo captioned, “Meray Pyaray Kaptaan (My beloved captain.”

“Are we invading Russia in the winter?” wrote columnist Zarrar Khuhro.

Another Twitter user wrote, “These constant U-turns are now more like a big roundabout. Going in circles to nowhere.”

Some people even defended the premier over his statement. “At this point and time, almost all TV channels are discussing PM’s statement on U-Turn. But, what an irony none is having any media persons who were actually present in the meeting,” wrote journalist Khawar Ghumman.

PTI lawmaker and former TV presenter Aamir Liaquat Hussain came to the rescue of his party chairman. He argued that Islam supports reconciliation, adding that every individual is bound to take a ‘U-turn’.

“If you take U-turn in court, you can be disqualified and could face contempt proceeding,” reminded senior analyst Mazhar Abbas.

Another Twitter user said, “To the fool its a U-turn. To the scholar its course correction, a necessary manoeuvre of the statecraft

“So its final that PM House university will offer a PhD programme in U-Turn Sciences,” joked Basim Javed.