Mujahid Kamran makes appalling ‘revelations’ about NAB


–Former PU VC claims incarcerated Fawad Hassan Fawad denies becoming approver against Shehbaz Sharif

–Alleges physical abuse of suspects at hands of anti-graft officers in front of family

–NAB spokesperson denies allegations, terms Kamran’s claims as ‘baseless’

ISLAMABAD: Days after he was released from its custody on bail, former Punjab University (PU) vice chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran has leveled serious allegations on the National Accountancy Bureau (NAB).

As per the details, Kamran has claimed being informed by Fawad Hassan Fawad that he had not become an approver in the case against Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif. “I inquired Fawad about him becoming an approver, to which he said that had so been the case, he would not have been in jail,” he said while speaking to a private media outlet.

“Up to four suspects are kept in a small cell [by the NAB], while cameras have been installed in the washrooms as well,” Kamran said.

The former academic alleged the suspect Haji Nadeem, who was apprehended in Paragon housing scheme case, was tortured in front of his wife and children while another under custody suspect was beaten in front of his mother.

Speaking about Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif, Kamran said the former Punjab chief minister was kept alone in cell no 13.

The former vice chancellor said a close relative of Senator Rana Maqbool is also under custody, lamenting that new cases are lodged against the suspects instead of releasing them.

“The vice chancellor of Sargodha University was subjected to mistreatment and a 25-year-old [NAB] officer told him that he would slap him in the face,” Kamran said, adding that he would have responded in kind, had he been treated like that.

He also said that he had no hopes with the anti-graft body and it was currently in a “defensive” position.


Later in the day, NAB denied allegations leveled by Kamran and said that he was arrested by the anti-graft watchdog on October 11; whereas Fawad Hassan Fawad and Haji Nadeem were sent to jail on judicial remand on October 1 and June 18, respectively.

“Dr Mujahid’s allegations regarding his meeting with Fawad and Haji Nadeem are misleading and those of installing surveillance cameras in washrooms are baseless,” a NAB spokesperson said, adding that the bureau does not consider commenting on the merits of cases against the former PU vice chancellor as the matter is sub judice.

He said that NAB had allowed Kamran to meet his wife on a daily basis and was allowed to sleep on his own mattress due to backache. “A doctor affiliated with the bureau also conducted his daily checkups.”

Furthermore, NAB chairman during his Lahore visit had not only met Kamran but also held a meeting with the delegation of teachers of PU in the presence of Mujahid’s wife, he said, adding that the delegation thanked NAB chairman for ensuring the former VC’s proper care during custody.

He suggested the former academic to focus on his defence instead of leveling allegations.