PM Khan’s sister penalised over undeclared Dubai property


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan was penalised on her undeclared property in Dubai after which she paid half of the total cost to the tax authorities, a local media outlet said Thursday.

According to the report, Aleema paid 25% tax and another 25% fine in terms the total estimated amount as she faced a double penalty for not disclosing around Rs 74 million worth flat Lofts East-1406. The said luxurious flat was located in Dubai, adjacent to the Burj Khalifa, the report added.

The said deal took place in four weeks after negotiations between Aleema’s legal team and officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the report said, adding that PM’s sister is yet to respond to key queries raised pertaining to overseas business dealings through which the property was acquired several years ago.

Aleema Khan, in her affidavit submitted with the FIA, said, “The Lofts East:1460 was paid for from funds generated from my business dealings overseas. Further, I have already disposed of my property and have also informed the FBR about the purchase and sale of the said property.” The affidavit, also available with Geo News, was submitted by her legal team. Chaudhry Z. Ashraf Advocate Lahore was oath commissioner of this document.

The legal team of Aleema Khan informed the office of FIA DG Bashir Ahmed Memon about the successful execution of the process this week.

The list submitted by FIA mentioned Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘benami’ property. The agency had told the apex court that the premier’s sister had been sent a notice.

Meanwhile, around 20 other overseas properties’ owners, politically exposed persons in particular, who were put on notice by FBR and FIA also deposited their taxes and fines. However, the FBR officially did not disclose the total volume of the amount deposited by Aleema Khan and other overseas property holders to seal the deal.

Dr Muhammad Iqbal, a spokesperson for the FBR, told the local media outlet, “The record of a taxpayer available with FBR is confidential and we cannot disclose the tax affairs of any taxpayer.”

On October 27, the agency had submitted to the Supreme Court details of 44 close relatives of prominent politicians who owned properties in the UAE.