Tribal leaders boycott polio vaccination drive till acceptance of demands


ISLAMABAD: The tribal elders of seven union councils of Barmal tehsil of South Waziristan have boycotted the ongoing polio vaccination drive to press the administration into accepting their demands.

They announced that the four major tribes of Ahmedzai Wazir would take stern action against those who administered polio drops to their children during while the boycott continued. They said that the boycott would continue until the authorities give in to their demands.

The tribesmen had demanded that the government provide them facilities, including cellular services, electricity and using dry wood of forests as an alternative to natural gas which is absent from the area. They said that due to the unavailability of cellular services in the area, they could not contact their loved ones, adding that lack of other basic necessities had also made their lives miserable.

Out of fear of repercussions from the said tribes, the parents did not administer polio drops to their children in Barmal tehsil. The administration also failed to convince the tribal leaders to end their boycott.

The tribesmen also threatened to block the Pak-Afghan Highway for all kinds of traffic if their demands were not fulfilled.