AGP’s report hints at massive tax evasion by private schools


ISLAMABAD: Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) on Wednesday finalised the Audit Report of Private Schools on the direction of apex court.

AGP’s report revealed that the private schools evaded a large amount of taxes annually, despite earning billions. The pay packages of higher officials of private schools are from Rs7 million to Rs15 million monthly.

The report has been prepared after the directions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) by the higher officials of AGP office and would be presented to SC within two days. The report may divulge shocking facts about the income and expenses of private schools.

The report reads that the private education sector has exploited the declining standards of government schools.

The report has exposed the account details of Beconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, City School and Frobels School System.

The report revealed that the annual declared income of Beconhouse is Rs17 billion and the pay of directors of Beconhouse is Rs7 million to Rs15 million. Likewise, the annual income of Lahore Grammar School is Rs15 billion and The City School, Rs11 billion.

Report further revealed that these private schools only pay taxes on their 7 per cent income, on the other hand, they annually increase 10 per cent students fee.

It is expected that the report will help to improve the quality of education.