Proposed bill seeks penalty for false accusations of domestic violence


A bill proposed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to prevent domestic violence states that any woman wrongly accusing her husband of being involved in violence will be penalised with Rs50,000, a local news outlet reported on Tuesday.

Similarly, any man found guilty of violence will have to pay a fine of Rs30,000, in addition to a three-month imprisonment.

The draft of the bill further states that any man who threatens his wife at her workplace or office, through social media, mobile phone or the internet in general, or threatening the woman’s relatives, will be liable for punishment.

In an event of developing a misunderstanding with his wife, a man will have to guarantee his wife’s safety, while he will have to continue to provide food and other necessities to his family. Any case of a conflict, the concerning family laws shall be applicable.

The proposed bill also necessitated committees on the level of districts under the deputy commissioner, comprising of district health officer, social welfare officer public prosecutor and the police. The committee will also extend medical and legal assistance and protection to any victim women.