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Pakistan Post launches ‘revolutionary’ electronic money order service

Minister of State for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed on Tuesday inaugurated Same Day Delivery Service in Major cities of Pakistan and Electronic Money Order (EMO) which would provide services at the clients’ doorsteps.

Addressing a ceremony here at General Post Office (GPO) Islamabad, the minister said service would cover all 83 General Post Offices (GPOs) across the country aimed at further improving the services and to cater the needs of customers.

The minister said that the department would initiate e-commerce and logistic services to bring improvement in the revenue. Within its own resources, the department would re-brand all 13,000 post offices across the country and mobile money order service would also be initiated to improve the quality of services.

He said that it is a big question mark that how such a huge department can be in losses, adding that it is only because of poor governance by the previous regimes.

The minister appealed the media to play its role in promoting official departments which are more efficient and accessible with a huge network.

He said that his Postal Services team is capable to take forward this department and improve its business. He said that currently, the postal market was 80 billion, which can be further improved with solid steps.

Under the new scheme, he said, through Electronic Money Order, service money would be delivered to the clients at their doorsteps, adding a customer can send up to Rs. 50,000 through this new service.

Murad said that the charges of the service were very nominal in comparison with the private sector and citizens should prefer Pakistan Postal Services.

Minister congratulated Postal Services’ employees for their excellent performance just in two weeks doing the business of 58 million.

Earlier, Pakistan Post Director General Robina Tayyab had said that the EMO service was available at 83 GPOs of the country, adding that EMO service was of two types including Post-to-Post and Post to Door Step.

Sharing the news on Twitter, official handle of Government of Pakistan wrote: “Revolutionary step by Pakistan Post, electronic money order to be launched today. Minister of State Murad Saeed will inaugurate the programme. As much as Rs50,000 can be sent through this electronic money order.”

پاکستان پوسٹ کاانقلابی قدم،الیکٹرانک منی آرڈرکاآج سےآغاز ہوگا-
الیکٹرانک منی آرڈر منصوبے کاافتتاح وزیرمملکت مرادسعیدکرینگے- الیکٹرانک منی آرڈر سے50 ہزارروپے تک کی تیز ترین ترسیل ہوگی-

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