Hindu minor girl kidnapped from SITE area in Hyderabad


HYDERABAD: A underage girl has allegedly been kidnapped from the limits of SITE police station in Hyderabad while returning from a Hindu temple.

According to the FIR, lodged here on Tuesday on the complaint of father Fakiro Kolhi at SITE police station, 4 men in a car took her away on Sunday night.

Kolhi told that his 14 years old daughter Kiran was eldest among 6 siblings, had gone to visit Mandir in SITE area around 6 pm that day. When they left the temple at around 8 pm a car stopped by their side on the road adjacent to the temple and 3 persons stepped out from the car and one of them had a gun in his hand and they forced Kiran to sit in the car and took her away.

Fakiro’s sister Lali identified one of the alleged kidnappers as Fazal Abro, who she claimed had warned her of kidnapping Kiran 4 to 5 days prior to the incident.

The family has urged the police authorities to help them recover their daughter safely at the earliest.