Peshawar transgender person ‘abducted, gang-rapped’ by 11 men


At least 11 men have allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped a transgender person while also filming the ordeal, a private media outlet reported Monday.

According to reports, the accused then shared the video via social media to pressurise the victim.

Police are yet to register a case against the accused.

As per the details of the incident, the incident took place within the jurisdiction of Faqirabad Police Station in Peshawar, from where the transgender person was abducted at gunpoint.

Speaking to the media outlet, a member of the transgender community said that the victim was a transgender rights activist. “She had been shot in 2016 by the same person.”

“This time when she refused to befriend the accused they kidnapped her at gunpoint from the Faqirabad area and proceeded to gang-rape her,” she added.

“They even made a video which was shared on various WhatsApp groups,” she said.

The victim, she went on to say, was so distraught after the episode that she had decided to take her own life outside the provincial assembly.