Iqbal’s poetry brought renaissance among Muslims of the region: Sanjrani


ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on Friday said that Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s poetry was a major source of a renaissance in the minds and hearts of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

In his message on Iqbal Day, he said that poet of the east, Allama Iqbal, through his astounding, penetrating and thought-provoking verses, turned the tide in the subjugated Indian subcontinent, said a press release issued on Friday.

“The Muslims of South Asia who had accepted being ruled by foreign invaders for long and had become docile in their lives, saw a reformation in their conduct through his words and verses and by following his ideology of the two-nation theory they were able to have for themselves a separate homeland which we now call Pakistan,” he said.

“On this auspicious day, as we remember Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal on his 141st birthday, I express my heartiest felicitation to not just the people of Pakistan but the entire Muslim brethren who have benefitted from the philosophy of the great poet in different times, places and forms,” he added.

He observed that Iqbal should be remembered on all days of the year while this day brings about new vigour to follow his principles of khudi (self-reliance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-preservation and self-assertion), love of God, leaving a mark in this world and a message for the Muslim Ummah to unite under one flag.

“Pakistanis at present need to follow the principles brought forward by Iqbal in the same rigorous and passionate way as they were presented and followed back in the early 20th century,” he maintained.

Sanjrani said that Iqbal’s ideology brought about historic changes in the lives of the Muslims of this region. “It is high time that we find the solutions to our current problems in the same verses that took the Muslims out of their miseries almost 100 years ago,” he concluded.