FAFEN notes increase in presence of female legislators


The Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) — a coalition of over 50 leading civil society organisations — has noted an increased presence of female legislators at important decision-making forums, including the National Assembly and Senate where they are giving vital input for bringing social and economic change, a report in the local media has informed.

The FAFEN report states that female lawmakers contributed 39 percent of parliamentary business in the National Assembly and Senate during 2017-18. Furthermore, comparison of the on-floor performances of women and men lawmakers in both houses of parliament, shows that female members actively took part in the proceedings via regular attendance as well as, substantive contribution to parliamentary business.

The Fafen reports states that in the Senate, women sponsored 15 percent of parliamentary business individually and three percent jointly.

“The women lawmakers of the National Assembly initiated 31 out of 98 bills on their own and 22 bills in collaboration with their male colleagues,” the report states.

Female lawmakers exclusively sponsored 36 of 72 resolutions in the National Assembly and collaborated with their male counterparts for moving 16 additional resolutions.

In the Senate, the female lawmakers sponsored 13 of 145 bills on their own and five in partnership with male lawmakers, and moved 15 of 99 resolutions.