Bushra Bibi meets Fountain House patients


LAHORE: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi on Sunday spent time with the mentally-disabled women and children at the Fountain House in Lahore.

She was on a visit to the rehabilitation centre along with a friend of hers.

During her visit, Bushra Bibi visited various wards of the facility and was briefed on medical facilities provided to the patients. She also heard issues of the facility’s residents.

Female patients of the Fountain House expressed their joy on meeting the prime minister’s wife and took selfies with her.

The first lady had begun her charity work with a visit to an orphanage in September. She had brought food with herself to have lunch with the orphans. She had also taken up the medical expenses of a child at the orphanage.

Bushra Bibi intends to help with her husband’s goal of eradication of poverty and bringing reforms in health and education sectors of the country.