Sanam Saeed opens up about her heartbreaking divorce


Sanam Saeed, a household name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, is one of the most bankable actor of her time. Her last outing Cake the Film, was a stellar hit, earning her praise and appreciation from all around. The actor does not stay in the spotlight much and prefers to keep her personal life private.

However, in a recent appearance on Samina Peerzada’s web show, Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada, Sanam opened up about her childhood, marriage and how her mother’s untimely demise affected her.

Sanam, who married her childhood friend Farhan Hasan in 2015, shared that she divorced him because she couldn’t balance her mother’s illness and marriage.

“My mother was terminally ill and I was in Dubai. At that time, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to maintain the balance and dedication required by a marriage. I had to leave Dubai; I didn’t want to make sacrifices as I had a fear that perhaps my mother will pass away,” she said, while speaking on the show.

She continued, “Hurting someone is too tragic and I know how it feels, but it was the right decision. It’s hard to be married to an actor, when you’re not in the business, be it a man or a woman. You cannot trust someone from the industry when you do not belong to it. I always thought it would work; this is what we see in Hollywood and Bollywood — you marry someone from your own kind (line of work) or else you leave the industry for a little bit — it becomes your secondary focus, your marriage is the primary focus.”

Taking full responsibility of the breakup, Sanam said that her husband was fully supportive of her career and fears but she felt he would be better off without her.

“It’s a silly thing as he said ‘I don’t need anyone but you,’ yet I believed that he would be better off with someone who can live there and give him time and perhaps who is not too consumed by work and family commitments,” she said.

When asked how she coped up with divorce Sanam said, “I felt more relieved after it because if I am not being able to be a responsible, dedicated, devoted and doting wife who I really wanted to be, it affects my relationship. I am a firm believer that a husband and wife should live together at least for the first ten years of their life and then perhaps after bringing up children, they can go back to their individual selves.”

Sanam also shared snippets from her childhood. Being the eldest, she said that she always had a sense of responsibility and was emotionally aloof.

“I believe in no emotional attachments. I was never the kind. I was 18 or 19, when I had my heart broken and since then I’ve made a vow to protect it. Another thing I’ve learned is to never mix friendship and love. Just don’t do it,” she said.

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