Payment irregularities of over Rs2 billion uncovered at Multan hospital


MULTAN: An anti-corruption unit on Friday uncovered irregularities amounting to more than Rs2 billion in the purchase of surgical instruments and medicines at Multan’s Children Hospital.

According to an official of the anti-corruption unit, a bogus company was paid Rs179 million for medicines and surgical instruments but nothing was paid in actuality.

The official further shared that the company was later paid an additional Rs104 million.

“The national treasury has suffered a loss of Rs283 million owing to the payments made by purchasing officer Kamran Hafeez and accountant Tabshir Naqvi,” the official asserted, adding that an investigation has also been initiated against District Accounts Officer Riaz Haraj and auditor Ramzan Meo.

Moreover, all records of the hospital have been seized by the anti-corruption unit.