US ready to set Dr Aafia free on certain conditions, sister says


Aafia Siddiqui’s sister, Fauzia Siddiqui, Thursday claimed that the United States (US) was ready to set Aafia free on “certain conditions”.

In her interview to BBC, Fauzia said that the US had given indications but she was unable to share any.

“The report on the meeting of a Pakistani consular with Aafia states that the US jail officials have said she would be released if she converts her religion,” she said, adding that according to the report, Aafia was being physically abused and wasn’t allowed to offer prayers.

Fauzia went on to say that there were three ways to bring Aafia back to Pakistan.

She claimed that US Assistant Attorney General Bruce Schwartz, in his letter, had also said that Washington was ready to send Aafia back to Pakistan under a prisoners swap agreement.

She also said that Pakistan missed the opportunity of seeking a presidential pardon for her sister from former US president Barack Obama. “Obama was pardoning several prisoners at the time, but Pakistan did not act,” she said.