SHC summons health secy in child’s-disappearance-from-hospital case



KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction over Civil Hospital Karachi’s (CHK) management and Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on their report pertaining to a petition about the disappearance and possible abduction of a child from CHK and summoned the Health secretary on November 22.

The SHC heard a petition filed by parents of the missing child, Nouman, who had earlier disappeared from the hospital.

A report, in this regard was submitted before the court which said that some guardians and one woman were taken into custody on testimony of the child’s mother.

Later, they were released after the inquiry due to lack of evidence. The report further said they would conduct an inquiry if the parents asked so.

On the day when the child went missing, the cameras of the CHK’s OPD were not working, it was learnt during the investigation.

The Health secretary, however, presented an apology before the court and said that it was noted that the cameras were disabled before the kidnapping, but all CCTV cameras have now been activated.

On which the court remarked if the CHK is in this situation, how would be said of the other hospitals?

The court also directed the officials to get help from the cameras of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and police department installed surrounding the hospital.

The court also issued orders that police deployment should be increased in the premises of hospitals, and all available technology should be used for the recovery of the missing child.

CHK medical superintend (MS) told the court that patients in the hospital are being given all the facilities.

The mother of the missing child stated before the court that she went to the hospital on May 28, 2018, along with her two children for a medical check-up. She said as she went for getting token for the OPD, her child Nouman went missing.

She stated that despite multiple requests to the management, the record of the CCTV camera footage was not given

She appealed the SHC to help her in the recovery of her son. The court, later, adjourned the hearing till November 22.