Renowned actor Roohi Bano goes missing


Renowned Pakistani actor of her time Roohi Bano, who had long been suffering from a mental disorder, disappeared from Lahore.

Neither the former actor is at Fountain House, a mental health institute in the city, nor is she at her house located in Gulberg area.

Bano, a well-educated and presidential award-winning actor, suffered issues in her marital life, while her only son, Ali, was also murdered.

According to doctors, she had been suffering from schizophrenia. The actor had been visiting Fountain House for treatment, where a room was dedicated to her.

Bano’s sister took her home a year ago, doctors said.

Her sister Rubina has been living in Bano’s dilapidated house in Gulberg. But Rubina and other residents have also expressed their ignorance regarding the whereabouts of the former actor.

Amid all this, Bano’s fans continue questioning her disappearance.