Cement factory tells SC it has stopped pumping water from Katas Raj area


ISLAMABAD: One of the cement factories located in the Katas Raj area on Thursday informed the Supreme Court (SC) that it had stopped extracting water from the area.

At the outset, Syed Ali Zafar, representing the factory submitted a report in compliance with the directions of the top court, claiming his client had completely stopped the extraction of water from Kallar Kahar and Chakwal for their factory and had made alternate and proper arrangements, including the installation of new technology and equipment.

The counsel submitted the report since the top court had allowed the water usage for domestic purposes, therefore, the relevant officers may be directed to charge domestic rates for this water.

On an inquiry from the bench regarding the ongoing investigation against officers for allowing water usage in the past, the Anti-Corruption Department informed that the investigation was underway.

As regards the water of Katas Raj Temple, the Government of Punjab undertook that they are still looking for ways and means to rectify the situation.

The court directed the DC concerned and the environment department to confirm and verify the report submitted by the cement factories regarding the stoppage of water extraction and submit it on November 14, 2018.