Zartaj Gul reacts to criticism over sitting on BMF in-charge’s chair


Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir on Wednesday clarified the incident of her sitting on the office chair belonging to the Border Military Force (BMF) in charge.

She said that she had been invited by the BMF check-post officials for the resolution of issues faced by them and that she would not have shared the pictures herself if she had done anything wrong.

The minister was severely criticised by political opponents as well as on social media after pictures of the incident were shared on the internet.

The incident had taken place a few days ago when the minister was on a visit to the tribal area of Ronghan where she also visited the check-post.

Furthermore, tribal area Political Agent Ejaz Khaliqui also issued a clarification in the regard, saying that the minister was given the chair to sit on as part of tribal traditions as she was also meeting local tribesmen at the time.