Pakistani students offered Eiffel scholarship in France


The French embassy in Islamabad listed details of the Eiffel scholarship programme for the Pakistani students who are seeking higher education in various institutions in France.

The scholarship programme is a tool developed and financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and designed to allow French higher education institutions attract the best foreign students in diploma courses at Masters’ and PhD level.

The four major fields of studies covered by Eiffel scholarships are economics and management, engineering sciences and law/political sciences at Masters’ level; sciences in the broad sense, economics and management, and law/political sciences for the Doctorate/PhD level.

The scholarship allows the financing of a diploma course at Masters’ level and lasts 12 to 36 months. There are also PhD programmes of a 10-month mobility as part of a joint supervision or a joint direction of thesis (preferably the 2nd year of the PhD).

The monthly stipend granted by the Eiffel scholarship programme covers the cost of living but not tuition.

Applications are put forward by the French host institutions, which agree to enroll the grantees in the programme for which they are selected. The programme is exclusively for foreign applicants.

Application forms are now available online to submit at Campus France with the deadline on January 11, 2019. Results will be announced in March, 2019.

The maximum age limit for Masters’ programme is set at 30 while for PhD courses, the applicant must be at most 35 years old at the date of appearing before the selection committee.