GB police search for killer of female Astore markhor


The Gilgit-Baltistan police and the wildlife officials are searching for the person (s) who might have killed the highest rated female Astore markhor in the Bunji area of the district despite a complete ban on its hunting.

According to a report in the local media, the postmortem report of the body suggested that the rare species was shot dead with a gun from the Haramosh area of Gilgit.

A team comprising of wildlife department officials from Gilgit and Astore started a joint action, recovered body of Astore markhor and took it to Gilgit town, where the postmortem was conducted.

Yaqub Ali Khan, conservator GB wildlife and parks department, shared that a case had been registered in Haramosh police station against the accused and an operation is underway to trace the killer of the animal.

Astore markhor is the highest rated hunting animal in GB. In recent auctions for trophy hunting programme, 2018-19, the hunting permit of Astore markhor was purchased at 100,000 US dollars. These permits are issued for hunting of only male and overage markhors with specified conditions.


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