ANP sends retrospective, posthumous show cause notices to Wali Khan, Ghaffar Khan


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Both Congress leader Ghaffar “Bacha” Khan and his son, NAP/ANP leader Wali Khan, have been served show-cause notices by the Bacha Khan Markaz, Peshawar, on Tuesday.

“Your activities are against the party’s interests, its constitution and discipline that have resulted in [a] huge loss to the party,” the show-cause notice read. It added their activities had negative effects on the workers as it created confusion and led to the misunderstanding that damaged the party’s interests.

The two party leaders were asked to submit their reply within seven days or else they would face action for violating the party discipline and policy.When asked to specifically state the charges for issuing the show-cause notice, a party spokesperson told The Dependent that specific reasons could not be disclosed to the media as this concerned the party’s internal matters.

Sources within the party said that the two leaders were harming the party’s relationship with the establishment and talking about the mainstreaming of Fata, the need to be kind to accept the demands of East Pakistanis, the need for there to be an uninterrupted process of parliamentary democracy in the country all contributed to that cause.

“Everyone has to fall in line,” said senior party ideologue Syed Masoom Shah, aka SMS. “The party is higher than mere individuals.”