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‘Alif Noon’ is a revival of a classic comedy with a modern twist: Faisal Qureshi

Multi-faceted Shehzad Roy and comic genius Faisal Qureshi are all set to star as the legendary duo of Allan and Nanha in the feature film adaptation of Alif Noon, based on the iconic comedy television series by Pakistan Television Network (PTV).

The original featured actor Kamal Ahmed Rizvi as Allan, who also wrote the show, with comedian Rafi Khawar as Nanha.

The adaption has been penned by Faisal Qureshi and also marks his directorial debut for the big screen.

Speaking about the venture, Qureshi said, “Alif Noon is a revival of a classic comedy and famous characters but with a modern twist. The characters will not be from 80s. It is infact a new modern version of them belonging to today’s era, so whoever has seen the old classic and even the new generation who didn’t will be able to enjoy.”

Faisal Qureshi

The National Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [UNODC], musician, humanitarian and philanthropist Shehzad Roy, who made the announcement, will be making his debut with the film, essaying the role of Allan.

Shehzad Roy

The original TV show was aired in the 1960’s in black and white mode and transitioned to colour, with repeats being televised well into the eighties. The show revolved around two main characters: Allan, a clever business-minded person looking to earn fast money by any means necessary, and Nanha, Allan’s stooge, an innocent and gullible person from a rural area who loved his country and always dreamt of earning an honest living. Nanha, who wasn’t familiar with the norms of the new society and used by Allan as the front man for his ‘tricks’, would always unintentionally expose Allan’s devious plot by speaking the truth to the public.

According to the film’s makers, “Alif Noon is all set to be a thought provoking, satirical action-comedy experience that aims to portray Allan and Nanha in present times whilst dealing with challenges and the advancement of today’s society.”

Other details of the film and a release date have not yet been announced.

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