PML-N leader calls for suo motu notice of protesters’ language against judges


President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sindh chapter Shah Mohammad Shah has said that despite reservations, the PML-N is committed towards the continuity of the democratic process and asked why a suo motu notice was not taken against ‘religious extremists’ who used defamatory language against judges in the wake of Aasia Bibi’s acquittal.

According to a report in the local media, Shah remarked that immediate suo moto action was always taken against PML-N legislators, such as Talal Chaudhry and Danyal Aziz, but the judiciary was staying silent on the matter at hand. Shah called for immediate notice to be taken of such defamatory language of the protesters against judges.

Shah said that Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry should explain why a deal was signed with protesters.

Addressing a news conference at a local press club on Sunday, attended by local party leaders, Shah also talked about the government’s approaching to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) saying that such matters were irrelevant because the PTI government always took u-turns on serious matters.

He went onto refer Prime Minister Imran Khan as “Taliban Khan” and claimed that the elections were rigged, adding that the PML-N’s central executive committee had resolved that the party would not allow the democratic process to be affected come what may, before going onto heavily criticise PM Khan and his government.

“The PML-N was the party that had created Pakistan and it would like to see the country progressing instead of providing food to religious extremists during protests,” he concluded.