Beware of robbers: Gang in Karachi loot bank-visiting customers


The residents of Karachi withdrawing huge amounts of money from the banks are becoming the victims at the hands of a gang which has been conducting a series of robberies in banks situated in the metropolis’ central district, a private media outlet reported on Monday.

According to the media reports, the alleged gang does the initial recce of the customers withdrawing huge amounts of money and then rob them with the help of accomplices.

It is being reported that the members of the group comprise one female member and two males who usually enter various banks for paying bills and opening a new account and pass the information about the incoming customers to other gang members, who follow customers and rob them of cash.

The gang members can be seen in the CCTV footage who were involved in looting banks in Ayesha Manzil, Tahir Villa, Gulberg and other areas, police said.

Police further said that the purpose of releasing the CCTV footage is to spread awareness among the public regarding the robbers, while attempts are being made to arrest those who are involved in such incidents.