PTI govt finalising local body reforms: Aleem


–Senior minister says election of mayor will be held on party basis in new local body system

LAHORE: Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said on Sunday that the new local bodies system is with the law department which will give it the final shape before the PTI government tables it in the Punjab Assembly for legislation.

He disclosed this while talking to the people here in his political office. Aleem elaborated that after the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan, work on the local bodies draft is rapidly underway which will decentralise the system and strengthen the governance financially and administratively.

He told the delegation that the election of mayor would be held on a party basis while tehsil and city governments would be established as early as possible. The senior PTI leader said that the last government of PML-N deliberately kept the local body representatives toothless so that the power was centralised for the ex-chief minister Shehbaz Sharif. Changes would be brought on the lines of developed countries, he promised.

He lauded the achievements made in the tour of PM Imran Khan to China and said that after Saudi Arabia and UAE, positive response from China would be a milestone for the real progress and prosperity of Pakistan, especially in this crucial time. “It would be a big sigh of relief to complete big projects including economic corridor,” he said.

Aleem added that certain forces were frightened of the achievements of the present government and were busy in conspiring against the PTI leadership.

The senior minister further said that the problems of the masses are being solved on a priority basis. He said that unemployment is a major issue of youth, promising that the present government will take special measures to increase job opportunities.

He said that there are big hurdles for the common man in different departments and it was hard to achieve success. He said that the last government ruined the basic structure and corruption which destroyed the public-sector system.

Aleem also listened to a number of complaints and issued on the spot orders for their redress.