Fakhr-e-Alam’s ‘Mission Parwaaz’ accomplished


Popular singer Fakhr-e-Alam on Sunday became the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the globe in a solo venture which he named “Mission Parwaaz”.

The singer posted the news on Twitter along with a video message after landing in Clearwater, Florida.

“Pakistan, Mission Parwaaz, Mission Accomplished we are now in the history books of aviation,” the 42-year-old wrote.

In his video message, Alam said, “Pakistan, news from Florida, Mission Parwaaz, mission accomplished. So it’s done, guys. Thousands of nautical miles, hundreds of hours, 22 countries, 24 days one big dream for one big nation. Pakistan congratulations, we are now in the history books of aviation.”

n another post, Alam wrote, “The flag is up….it’s done…Pakistan congrats we have our first successful circumnavigation of the globe in any mode of transportation.”

“Pakistan, Mission Parwaaz, mission accomplished,” he said while giving a thumbs up.

He continued, “I am now at Saint Pete’s Airport, KPI from where on October 10th Mission Parwaaz started and now I am back at the very same airport after completing the mission.”

The 24-day tour, which kicked off in Clearwater, Florida on October 10th, took Alam to 22 countries.

From Florida, the 42-year-old had flown to Boston and then to the Canadian Airbase in Goose bay Canada and then to Greenland.

From Greenland, Alam flew to Iceland, United Kingdom, Egypt and then to Bahrain and then Dubai.

From Dubai, the singer flew to Karachi and then Islamabad and Lahore. From Lahore, he flew to Dhaka, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta and then Darwin in Australia.

Other countries where he made a pit stop included Philippines, Taiwan, South Japan, North Japan, the Pacific Bay, Russia and Alaska.

He kicked off his 28-day tour from Clearwater, Florida and travelled to 32 countries. He was briefly detained in Russia due to visa issues but released after coordination with the Foreign Office.


Sindh Governor Imran Ismail later lauded the completion of Mission Parvaaz, which was initiated by the renowned social worker Alam last month.

In his felicitation message, the governor commended the commitment and bravery of Fakhr-e-Alam, who despite all odds, continued to realise his dream of travelling around the world in his single-engine plane and completed his mission successfully.

He said that Alam had made every Pakistani proud by his unprecedented achievement which had made him the first Pakistani to complete such task with flying colours.

While congratulating Alam on behalf of the president and prime minister, the Sindh governor said that he had proven his doubters wrong, who raised many questions when he announced to undertake the mission. He said that Alam had registered his name in the record books as the first Pakistani to achieve this remarkable target.