Dolphin Force personnel kill ‘mentally ill’ attacker


Dolphin Force personnel on Saturday shot dead a “mentally ill” man after he allegedly attacked and injured five people with a knife in the Sabzazar area of the city, a private media outlet reported.

The knife-wielding man, identified as Umair, injured four people, including a woman, reports quoted the police as saying, adding that a contingent of the Dolphin Force reached the spot and tried to get hold of the knife-attacker when he also stabbed a constable, Mubbashir.

In retaliation, the personnel opened fire at the man, killing him on the spot.

Saddar SP said the attacker, who was “mentally ill”, was attacking passersby in the area.

Later, relatives of the deceased placed his body on the road, protesting against the force. However, the police baton-charged them and opened the road for traffic.

Meanwhile, the DIG (Operations) has sought a report of the incident and directed an investigation.