‘Watta satta’: Doctor sisters ordered to marry ‘uneducated’ cousins by panchayat


A family has been ordered by a panchayat to accept the marriage proposal for their two daughters in a ‘watta satta’ arrangement, or withdraw claims from a 123-hectare agricultural land, a private media outlet reported Thursday.

Watta satta is a type of custom that involves the simultaneous marriage of a brother-sister pair from two households.

According to reports, Jagan Mazari was ordered to wed his two daughters, who are doctors, into the family of his brother, Huzoor Baksh.

Mazari’s son, Tariq, who is married to Baksh’s daughter, said their sisters are educated and they do not want to wed them to their “uneducated” cousins.

“Panchayat is pressuring us to agree to the marriage after we refused,” he said and added that they have complained to police but no action is being taken against the influential people.

“The panchayat head is pressuring us to withdraw claims from our land in case of refusal,” Tariq added.

DSP Rojhan Tehsil Asif Rasheed told a private media outlet that it is a case of a dispute between the two brothers over land which they inherited.